Highways Solar PTZ


Our Highways Solar PTZ CCTV Systems, for local highways and the Strategic Road Network, providing realtime surveillance and data connectivity in all locations.

Providing realtime surveillance in all locations

Our solutions provide Local Highways and SRN with Real-time surveillance of remote highways sections and junctions, streamed to the local monitoring centres using our Highways Solar PTZ CCTV Systems, Traffic flow monitoring and incident alerts delivered in real-time


  • High quality 24/7 CCTV streaming powered entirely by solar power 365 days of the year.
  • Reduced civil engineering works by mitigating the need for costly groundworks for laying power and data cables as well as installing mast.

Every solar tower is fitted with a micro-controller and tracking facility to allow remote power control and collect key data such as power generated & consumed for system monitoring.


100% SOLAR

100% Solar Powered

No generator required!


Zero CO2 Emissions

No generator or power required.


Zero Fuel Needed

No refuelling or spillage.


Zero Noise Pollution

Ideal for residential areas and night time projects.

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Our Solar Highways Solutions provide sustainable, on-demand power and CCTV for many applications including:

  • Construction sites
  • Railways
  • Highways
  • Events

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