As a leading provider of high-quality solar solutions and business security services, we empower your business to embrace a more sustainable and secure future. Whether you require solar hybrid generators for your off-grid site, rapid security deployment of security measures to your business premises, or round-the-clock manned guarding, we have the ideal solution, tailored to meet your needs.

Solar Power

Experience an innovative approach to reducing your site’s reliance on polluting fossil fuels through innovative solar solutions. Enable your business to fulfil its sustainability commitments with our cutting-edge technology.

Solar hybrid generators

Our solar hybrid generators have been specially designed to ensure a continuous and reliable power supply to off-grid sites. These units reduce fuel costs, contribute to a quieter environment and, when compared to traditional diesel and hybrid generators, significantly decrease your site’s carbon footprint.

Solar lighting towers

Experience powerful illumination with absolute silence, and zero emissions with our solar lighting towers. Built to the highest standards, our lighting towers provide a robust alternative to temporary diesel lighting towers for infrastructure, construction, rail, and events.

Solar security cameras

Solar security cameras for businesses offer both convenience and flexibility. Our solar-powered CCTV towers are easily deployable and can reliably secure your remote site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We understand the importance of safeguarding your property from security threats and that this is a top priority for your business. Whether it be break-ins, theft or vandalism, our security services are here to help you, whatever your requirements may be.


Our advanced commercial CCTV is a comprehensive security solution for deterring potential threats and can be placed at strategic points around your business premises.

Security Officers

Our team of highly trained security guards are qualified in a range of skill sets to handle any business landscape. Customised to the bespoke needs of the client, we ensure your working environment remains safe and secure at all times.

Access Control

Allowing access to only approved staff, access control systems by SmartWatch are efficient and instil confidence that your business entrance, or other private areas in your working environment can only be accessed by authorised personnel.


Using highly accurate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), our automatic barrier system provides effective and secure traffic control on your business premises. Barrier systems can also be integrated with access control systems for a completely unmanned experience.

Property Management

Our property management consultancy service allows us to create a comprehensive security solution for your business needs. Whether for a temporary or permanent location, we can curate our services to be fully integrated and ensure your location is kept secure at all times.

Site Security

Find out about our robust security services, all of which can be implemented simultaneously, or on their own.




Hire our solar and security solutions

If you only require our services for a brief time, why not opt for our solar and security solutions tailored for temporary construction sites or events? Whether your project is short or long-term, our services can be hired to align with the specific timeline of your project. 

This flexibility allows you to implement sustainable solutions and robust security precisely when you need them. Easily adapt your plans to changing circumstances and demands and ensure your project stays on track.

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Our Virtual Guard Installation combined with the automated 
barriers has improved our site security and made our ‘out of hours’ operations much safer.
Damon Green – Tarmac Bredury

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