Access control systems

Access Control Systems

Our tailored access control system combines cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces.

From biometric authentication to smart card systems, we provide scalable solutions designed to create a secure environment for your staff and visitors. 

What is access control? 

Commercial access control systems are necessary to help monitor movement throughout your business premises and enable you to control who enters a location and when. Authorised personnel can range from an employee, a contractor or a visitor. 

Access control security systems can also be used at various locations. Whether at your business site, a specific building, or a room, you need peace of mind that only the right people are being let in. With access control systems, you can eliminate potential threats and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas. 

How do access control systems work? 

When referring to access control solutions, we are talking about a physical electronic security system. 

At Smartwatch, our access solutions typically use an identifier such as a key card entry system, allowing only authorised staff to enter certain areas. Other identification methods we can install include: 

  • PINs and passwords 
  • Biometric identifiers such as fingerprint or optical scanners
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras that operate alongside our automated gates and barriers

Our security door systems can create a visitor log for specific areas of a building, providing you with valuable data to help track how your building is being used by your staff.

What are the benefits of using security access controls

As well as elevating the security of your business premises, access control systems offer other benefits too. These include: 

Enhanced productivity

Access control systems can enhance your business’s productivity by reducing time spent on manual entry and visitor registration processes. By streamlining these daily procedures, you will allow your employees to focus on tasks that contribute to business growth.

Integration with existing systems

Our access control systems also integrate with our other security services to form a comprehensive security solution. For example, our on-site CCTV systems can be integrated with access control systems so that in the event of a security breach, intruders can be identified quickly.

Access control services from Smartwatch Solutions

Our tailored access control solutions provide robust site security to give you peace of mind that sensitive areas of your site are safe. 

To complement its security uses, our access control security systems also report on employee behaviour. This allows you to collate data and create customised reports based on the information you want to know, whether this be department, employee, or business activity. 

In an emergency evacuation, our access systems can also produce a standard roll call to multiple emails, alerting staff on the premises to vacate. 


SmartWatch design, install, maintain and monitor Virtual Guard CCTV systems to suit your needs.

Security Officers

Our SIA licenced Security Officers provide safety in your workplace.

Access Control

Manage your staff and control your work place using Virtual Access barriers and ID systems.

Property Management

SmartWatch provide a range of services to secure and monitor your vacant property.

Access control systems  – FAQs

Where can access control systems be placed in my building?

Access security solutions can be installed at any entry point on your business property. However, in most cases, customers opt for access control system installation at sensitive locations on the premises such as rooms used to store valuable assets or information.  

Why are access control systems for doors better than traditional locking systems?

Whilst traditional key locking systems offer a simple form of physical access control onto onsite premises, these systems still come with limitations. 

If a key is lost, new keys will need to be made and distributed, which can be costly and time-consuming. Particularly when staff require access to multiple areas, several keys will be needed which can also be difficult to manage. Using access control services, staff will only need a single card or login, which can easily be replaced if lost. 

Additionally, manual locking systems provide no audit trail, preventing you from keeping track of who has entered your building and at what time.

What is the best type of access control system for a business?

The type of access control system you choose will depend on the specific requirements of your premises and your staff. We offer variations that are card-based, biometric and keypad. 

Before installation, you should evaluate each system, assessing its ease of use for staff and choose based on your requirements and what suits your needs best. Our team at Smartwatch Solutions can provide you with a consultation during this process. To find out more, get in touch with us today. 

Choose Smartwatch Solutions for your access security solutions

Your commercial access control systems can be integrated based on your bespoke requirements by our team at SmartWatch Solutions.

Whether you need access control for one or multiple areas, our team is on hand to help. Following a site visit and consultation, we can recommend the perfect access solution for you, along with any supporting services that can help.  

For more information on how Smartwatch can offer support, you can email our team at, or get in touch via telephone at 0344 576 0221.