Security Barriers

Automatic car park barriers

Our automatic security barriers (also known as boom barrier systems) offer a robust solution for controlling vehicle access to your premises.

Whether you need to safeguard restricted areas, manage parking facilities, or control entry points, our automatic barrier systems streamline traffic flow while enhancing safety and efficiency.

What is a boom barrier system? 

Typically found at the entrance of a commercial property, vehicle barriers are designed to provide efficient access control to designated areas. 

Integrating with a range of access systems including automatic number plate registration and RFID cards, vehicles can easily be identified, providing secure access to your commercial property.   

As well as traffic control, these physical entrance barriers can effectively safeguard your commercial premises against many security threats. Whether this is unauthorised vehicle entry, theft, or vandalism, barrier systems ensure your site entrance is well-protected.

Automatic barrier systems from Smartwatch Solutions

Our high-performance arm barriers offer an efficient way to manage vehicle entry onto your business premises or commercial site. 

As well as vehicle barriers, we also offer pedestrian turnstiles both of which can be integrated with our Virtual Access systems. Combined, these systems provide accurate time and attendance data so you can monitor on-site movement, and restrict entry to sensitive areas. 

Choose from a diverse range of access control options tailored to your individual needs. Whether it’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), a push-button, card reader, radio, keypad, or intercom, these systems can be integrated with minimal electrical work. Alternatively, these control options can be incorporated into your existing security infrastructure. These systems enable your entry points to be completely unmanned, whilst still recording all movement in and out of your site.

Explore additional accessories such as beam lights, stop or no-entry signs, warning sirens, safety loops or photocell beams, end support posts, standard or dual-height card readers, and intercom posts for a comprehensive security solution.

Benefits of installing electronic barrier gates

Security barriers installed at commercial sites provide a range of security benefits. From monitoring vehicle movement, and deterring trespassers to ensuring only authorised employees can enter your site with codes or passes. 

As well as security benefits, there are also other practical safety benefits of these systems which include: 

  • Entrance barriers prevent parking spaces from becoming overfilled. In turn, evacuation areas and access routes can remain clear.
  • Placed at strategic entry points, automatic barriers eliminate outside traffic entering your site. This helps to ensure pedestrian safety and create a safer area with minimal traffic hazards.

Why choose Smartwatch Solutions for your automatic vehicle barrier installation?

Our automatic barrier solutions provide reliable entrance security, minimising the risk of unwanted intruders gaining access to your site. 

When you work with Smartwatch Solutions, our in-house consultation and design team will visit your site to conduct an in-depth audit, allowing us to help you make the most of your new barrier systems. 

Whether you require a single vehicle barrier or a security combination including on-site CCTV and access control, our team will be there to find the perfect solution tailored to your needs. 

Following installation, we can provide remote assistance for any queries you may have and our nationwide engineering team can provide customer support under our maintenance contract.

Access control systems  – FAQs

What is the difference between an automatic gate and an automatic barrier?

Automatic gates and automatic barriers are access control systems designed to control the entry and exit of vehicles. However, they serve different purposes and are suitable for different applications.

Automatic gates are primarily designed to control vehicular and pedestrian access through an entrance or exit. These gates can be sliding, swinging, or folding, and are typically used for entrances to private properties to enhance security and control access.

In comparison, barrier systems are specifically designed to regulate the flow of vehicles, either allowing or restricting access to an area. barriers usually consist of a horizontal arm that raises or lowers to permit or deny entry and are found in car parks, toll roads, industrial or construction sites, and other locations where controlled access is essential.

The choice between an automatic barrier and an automatic gate will be dependent on the access control requirements needed at your site. At Smartwatch, we offer both automatic gate and barrier systems to suit the level of protection you require for your location. 

Where can automatic barriers be used?

Commercial barrier systems can commonly be found on business sites, placed at primary entry points. However, other locations where electronic barrier gates can be used include: 

  • Education sites
  • Events 
  • Private parking areas 
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial sites  
  • Retail Parks

If you want to increase security on your business premises, get in touch with us at SmartWatch so we can create a barrier solution bespoke to your specifications.

How long should an electronic barrier last?

A vehicle barrier should last anywhere between 5 and 10 years if properly cared for and maintained, with little damage during this time. 

With a maintenance contract from Smartwatch Solutions, our trained engineers will provide ongoing support to resolve any issues that may arise with your barrier systems. Get in touch with our team to find out more. 

Choose Smartwatch Solutions for your automatic barrier systems

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