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Smartwatch Solutions Corporate Security Officers

At Smartwatch Solutions, we understand the dynamic nature of today’s business landscape, and our SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed security guards can provide a comprehensive security strategy tailored to your specific needs. 

Our security personnel reliably safeguard your business, ensuring a safe environment that aligns seamlessly with your organisational objectives. 

Why use corporate security personnel on your business premises?

Having a uniformed guard stationed at a business premises is an extremely effective way of preventing theft or damage to your property. 

Security guards provide a strong visual presence at any entry point to your business, making staff and customers feel that much safer and happier during their visit. Trained security personnel are also well equipped with the knowledge to be able to diffuse potential aggression, respond to challenging behaviour, or remove unauthorised visitors from your site.

What are manned guarding services?

Manned guarding is a service that involves placing certified security guards at a business premises. It is a broad term that can encompass a range of duties and responsibilities depending on the security requirements of your business. 

This form of business security is a highly effective way of deterring criminal activity, which makes it one of the most proactive safeguarding measures businesses can take.

What do manned guards do? 

A common perception of manned security guards is that they are simply placed at a business entrance to deter any potential threats. However, security guards at SmartWatch Solutions are trained in a variety of disciplines. Whether you require first aid training, fire marshal training, and water hygiene knowledge or you need your guards to have training and qualifications in  customer service, we can curate our security service team to your bespoke requirements.

As well as providing a presence at the entrance to your business our SIA-licensed professionals can also:

  • Patrol and monitor sensitive areas of your business
  • Assist with crowd control during busy periods, ensuring staff and visitor safety
  • Conduct regular perimeter security patrols
  • Secure your site with opening and lock-up services

Depending on the nature of your business and its security requirements, you can benefit from these services during operating hours or outside of normal business hours. If your business should require it, we also offer 24/7 manned security, so your business can remain protected at all times. 


SmartWatch design, install, maintain and monitor Virtual Guard CCTV systems to suit your needs.

Security Officers

Our SIA licenced Security Officers provide safety in your workplace.

Access Control

Manage your staff and control your work place using Virtual Access barriers and ID systems.

Property Management

SmartWatch provide a range of services to secure and monitor your vacant property.

Our in house monitoring station is manned 24 hours to ensure our clients receive the service and support they need, whenever they need it.

What are the duties of a commercial security guard?

The primary responsibility of business security is to prevent disorderly behaviour and protect your commercial premises. 

In the event of any threat or unusual behaviour, our team are trained to respond quickly and appropriately to these situations, whether it be guiding members to a safe location or preventing trespassers from entering the premises. Whilst our team are not trained police officers, and therefore cannot make an official arrest, they can contact the police and help to prevent any criminal activity in the meantime. 

Put simply, security personnel have three primary responsibilities: 

  • Prevent any physical damage to your property 
  • Guard your property and sensitive assets from theft 
  • Protect staff and visitors from assault and injury

What industries benefit from corporate security services? 

There are a range of industries that would benefit from physical business security. These include: 


From warehouses to vacant properties, these types of locations can easily be targeted for theft and vandalism, especially when they are unoccupied during evenings and weekends. With a physical presence at your site, potential intruders will be discouraged from targeting these locations. 


Retail shops are always susceptible to intruders, particularly those with little security.  Manned security guards act as a deterrent to criminals, making them aware that they will be identified and apprehended during their intrusion. 

Financial services

Financial institutions often require a robust safeguarding strategy to protect their premises effectively from serious crime. Crime related to financial premises can be hostile including, armed robbery. 

Manned guarding services are a strong deterrent to criminals wanting to target financial institutions. This is because any suspicious behaviour is identified quicker, meaning authorities such as police are likely to arrive in a shorter time frame. 

Whilst these industries are only a few primary examples of where manned security can benefit a business, there are many other industries our services can support such as construction, education and healthcare. If you would like to discuss how our manned security can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

Business security  – FAQs

What is the benefit of using manned guarding if I already have a CCTV and alarm system?

Manned security services can be used to complement your existing business CCTV and alarm systems. 

Where commercial CCTV can be used internally at your business premises and be effective at low-risk locations, security guards can be used to protect your business exterior and be the first line of defence against any potential intruders. Instead of waiting for first responders to arrive at your premises after a break-in, why not stop the intrusion before it can happen with security personnel

How long can security officers be hired for?

At SmartWatch, you can hire our corporate security services for as little or as long as you need. Whether you need us to guard a temporary business location or your company headquarters, our guard team are here to meet your security needs. 

Do I need more than one security officer?

The number of security personnel needed on a premises will depend on its size and the individual requirements of the client. 

For example, If your business site has a large location that one person cannot cover in a short amount of time, you may consider having more than one guard present at a time. This ensures that any disturbance can be responded to in the shortest time possible. 

Ultimately, the number of guards needed at a business premises will depend on the client’s requirements and the duties the guards will need to complete during their shift.  

How much do manned guarding services typically cost?

When it comes to manned guarding services, there is no, one size fits all cost. Your manned security package will be created bespoke to your organisation and will differ from other organisations based on the nature of your company as well as other factors such as the level of security risk, a site survey and what your budgets are. 

Whilst costs are important to consider, reliable security on your business premises is an investment. Investing in manned guarding services with effective strategies provides the ultimate peace of mind that your property is protected at all times. 

Choose Smartwatch Solutions as your security contractor

Manned guarding should be tailored to the needs of the individual business, and our team at SmartWatch Solutions will always create a bespoke security team based on your needs and risk factors.

Whether you need regular perimeter patrols, or 24/7 security ranging from one or multiple guards our team is on hand to help. Following a site visit and consultation, we can recommend the perfect manned guarding solution for you, along with any supporting services that can help.  

Contact our team

For more information on how SmartWatch security officers can offer support, you can email our team at, or get in touch via telephone at 0344 576 0221.