Solar Lighting Towers

Solar lighting towers from SmartWatch Solutions

Finding the right lighting tower for your project can be difficult especially when you are looking for mobile light towers that are both dependable and eco-friendly at the same time. With ProLight solar lighting towers, the solution is here.

What is a ProLight solar lighting tower?

The ProLight solar light tower provides the construction industry, events sector, and others with clean, efficient, portable lighting. These easy-to-use solar solutions provide reliable lighting, allowing construction sites to work later and stay safe during the evening and night hours. Solar lighting towers can also provide clear signposting for facilities such as toilets and first aid tents at the likes of festivals or other outdoor events, and more.

Our mobile light towers are trailer-mounted, meaning they can be positioned and moved around your site without the need for specialist equipment. Using a solar lighting solution, like the ProLight, your construction site lighting will reduce your operating costs and avoid polluting the workspace and surrounding areas with fumes, emissions or noise. In fact, our solar light towers create zero emissions, making for a cleaner, more eco-friendly site.

As well as being portable light towers, ProLight solar lighting solutions also come with remote monitoring capabilities. Thanks to GPS tracking and a microcontroller, you can control the lighting tower’s on/off status from a central hub, while key data such as power generation and consumption levels are always available to you.

The benefits of a ProLight Solar lighting tower

Want to know more about the ProLight solar-powered lighting tower? Here are some of its benefits…

  • They may be solar-powered, but ProLight portable light towers are designed to work in all weather conditions. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, our lighting towers will continue to keep your site operational no matter what.
  • By harnessing solar power instead of fossil fuels ProLight solar light towers are far less expensive to run than lights using a traditional, diesel-powered generator.
  • Without a generator, ProLight portable light towers produce no CO2 emissions. They run completely cleanly, helping to save the environment while you save money on fuel.
  • Because they are portable, hard-wearing and reliable, the ProLight makes for perfect construction site lighting – keeping working conditions safe for site staff at all times.

Hire Solar Lighting Towers with Smartwatch Solutions

Whether you buy or hire a site lighting tower, SmartWatch can help with your solar lighting solutions.

If hiring lighting towers is the best option for you then we can provide you with mobile light towers for as long as you need – anything from a week to several years, depending on the length of the project.

Annual maintenance and servicing contracts are also available on purchased ProLight lighting towers but are also included within the charge when hiring out the ProLight. Our service contracts take the stress of ongoing maintenance out of your hands and allows us to handle any issues before they begin. 

For more information on how SmartWatch can support your upcoming projects, you can email our team at, or get in touch via telephone at 0344 576 0221. 


More ProLight solar light towers FAQs

Does SmartWatch deliver products?

Yes. Whether you’re hiring or purchasing a solar lighting tower, we can deliver it to your location on schedule. What’s more, we’ll position and set up your lighting tower so it is ready for use straight away. 

Is a solar lighting tower portable or stationary?

The Prolight solar lighting tower is completely portable, due to being trailer mounted. This means that they can be put into position and moved around to suit the lighting requirements of your site at any time. 

Can a solar lighting tower operate with only one power source?

Yes. Our lighting towers are completely powered by solar and work reliably in low visibility conditions so your site progress is never interrupted. 

What types of projects can solar lighting towers be used for?

Solar lighting towers are great for use in a variety of projects. More commonly, they are used for remote construction work, house building or events such as festivals. However, they can also be positioned on highways or railway tracks to facilitate any work that is being carried out during later hours.

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