Highway CCTV

Highway cctv solar solutions from Smartwatch Solutions

Our innovative highway cctv towers seamlessly integrate solar technology with advanced CCTV systems, offering a robust solution for monitoring and enhancing safety along highways.

What is solar highway surveillance?

Highway CCTV cameras are advanced security systems designed to provide real-time monitoring of the highway, allowing authorities to detect and respond to incidents, manage high-risk traffic flow, and enhance overall safety.

This self-sufficient and environmentally friendly solution is equipped with solar panels that capture and convert sunlight into electrical power, ensuring a continuous and reliable energy source for the surveillance equipment. As a result, traffic flow cameras are often deployed in remote or off-grid areas where traditional power sources may be unavailable or impractical.

What are the benefits of a solar highway cctv system

Along with all of the benefits of Virtual Guard solar CCTV, our ptz (pan-tilt-zoom) cctv systems provide unparalleled high-definition  surveillance, as well as other benefits that include: 

  • Motorway traffic flow cameras provide live motorway cctv to help traffic managers and road maintenance contractors improve network operation.
  • Highway solar CCTV towers provide real-time incident alerts to notify teams of urgent, high-risk changes in traffic flow. This can be monitored remotely by our expert team or on-site.
  • Every CCTV tower is fitted with a micro-controller and tracking facility to allow remote power control and key data collection such as power generation and consumption for system monitoring.
  • Surveillance towers reduce the need for civil engineering works and mitigate the need for costly groundworks for laying power and data cables, as well as installing a mast.

100% SOLAR

100% Solar Powered

No generator required!


Zero CO2 Emissions

No generator or power required.


Zero Fuel Needed

No refuelling or spillage.


Zero Noise Pollution

Ideal for residential areas and night time projects.

Solar highway cctv from SmartWatch – FAQs

  • Can SmartWatch deliver a highway solar cctv tower to my site?

A CCTV surveillance tower from SmartWatch Solutions can be delivered to your project site by our team and set up so traffic monitoring can begin straight away. 

  • Is a highway solar CCTV tower portable or stationary?

Our portable CCTV towers for highways can be in a fixed position on your site, or easily moved to meet the requirements of your roadside project. 

  • How long can highway CCTV run for? 

Our cameras can operate reliably at night meaning solar CCTV cameras can provide 24/7 traffic monitoring so you can have a continuous view of traffic flow on the roads around your project. 

  • What distance can a motorway traffic flow camera cover?

A highway CCTV tower can cover up to ½ a kilometre in distance. 

  • How are real-time incident alerts relayed back to the client from the security tower?

An alarm is synchronised to our live motorway CCTV towers. When the alarm is triggered information is sent directly to our monitoring station or on-site team for staff to attend to. 

  • What types of projects can solar CCTV be used for?

Highway security towers can be used for any roadside project to keep your project site and the roads around it safe at all times, including highway repairs, maintenance and construction.

Hiring a solar powered cctv tower for motorways from SmartWatch

SmartWatch are here to assist with your roadside security needs.

If hiring solar-powered camera security is what you are looking for, we provide both permanent or hired solutions. Whether you need solar security for two weeks or multiple years, Smartwatch Solutions are here to help. 

For more information on how SmartWatch can support your upcoming projects, you can email our team at sales@SmartWatchSolutions.co.uk, or get in touch via telephone at 0344 576 0221. 

To find out more, or to hire our cctv for motorways, contact SmartWatch Solutions today.