Solar Hybrid Generators


What do you do if you have off-grid energy needs, but also want to use renewable and sustainable energy sources? If you want a power solution that is cost-effective as well as eco-friendly, the answer is more obvious than you might think, thanks to solar hybrid generators.

A type of generator powered by solar, a solar hybrid generator is a revolutionary way to deliver reliable, temporary power – perfect for use in construction, rail, and other industries with offsite requirements.

What you need to know about our solar hybrid generator

An industry-leading generator powered by solar, and supported by batteries and diesel reserves, our solar hybrid generator has been designed specifically with those industries requiring temporary power in mind. Whether it’s temporary power onsite, electricity for off-site offices and cabins, or electric vehicle charging, our hybrid solar generators provides an autonomous off-grid power supply that gives you exactly what you need, instantly.

Compact enough to fit into a trailer, the ProPower portable solar generator makes transport easy. Using the latest solar and battery storage technology, this high-end technology also means you can cut fuel usage by up to 90%, vastly reducing carbon emissions, while solar generation performance is boosted by over 30%.

The ProPower hybrid generator also provides you with remote energy management and live energy reporting as standard, so you are always in control of your usage. That’s not all though, as multiple solar hybrid generators can be synchronised to provide over 70 kVA, leaving diesel generators surplus to requirements.

Total Weight:

3470 Kg with trailer

Tank Capacity:

140 L (can connect to external fuel supply)

Generator Size:

22 kVA generator with 15 kVA of power inverter and 35 Kwh Li-ion battery storage


4.30m (L) x 2.24m (W) x 2.56 (H) when panels are closed

ProPower vs 45Kva Generator

ProPower Solar Hybrid Generators can cut fuel usage by up to 90% and, in turn, reduce carbon emissions. They can also improve generation performance by over 30%.

ProPower Hybrid Run Time 50% (84hrs) 60% (67hrs) 70% (50hrs) 80% (34hrs)
Diesel (Litres) Saved Per Week 504 555 606 654
Saving Per Week (£1.60 Per Litre) £806.40 £888.00 £969.60 £1046.40
Co2 Reduction (Tonnes) 1.33 1.46 1.6 1.73

Hybrid generators from SmartWatch – FAQs

Are delivery options available?

When hiring a solar hybrid generator from SmartWatch Solutions, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to. From delivering the generator to your site to positioning and set-up, we’ll make sure your solar hybrid generator is prepped and ready to use in no time. 

Is the solar hybrid generator portable or stationary?

We offer both portable and stationary solar hybrid generators. Depending on the requirements of your project and site, you can choose a hybrid generator that perfectly suits your needs. 

Where can fuel be bought from?

Fuel for our solar hybrid generators is bought by the contractor, however, this can be purchased directly through our team at SmartWatch Solutions. 

Can a solar hybrid generator still operate with only one power source?

Yes, solar hybrid generators can operate with only one power source. However, in winter months when there is a higher demand for power on-site, we would advise always using more than one power source to ensure maximum efficiency. 

What happens if the fuel runs out?

At SmartWatch we remotely monitor the fuel consumption of your generator and will notify you when fuel is running low. In the event that your fuel runs out, the solar hybrid generator would be solely reliant on solar power and batteries. 

Hiring portable solar-powered generators from SmartWatch Solutions

Our hybrid solar generator is available for any project and can be hired directly from SmartWatch Solutions.

When you hire a solar hybrid generator you also get access to our monitoring technology, allowing you to keep a constant eye on battery and fuel levels. Meanwhile, the smart distribution board gives you a central control panel to manage power to individual units, sites, and even rooms remotely.

Find out more about our Solar Hybrid Generators

To find out more, or hire our generators powered by solar, contact SmartWatch Solutions today.