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Time-lapse video

At Smartwatch Solutions, we specialise in providing cutting-edge time-lapse services tailored to meet the needs of businesses seeking a time-lapse solution. 

Our Virtual Project is a managed time-lapse service designed to capture your projects’ progress step by step. An image is captured from a high-definition camera every hour and once complete the images are compressed into a single stop-motion video.

What is time-lapse?

Time-lapse is a technique in photography and videography where frames are captured at a lower frequency than they are played back. This results in a sped-up sequence of events, allowing viewers to witness changes that occur over an extended period in minutes.

Where site management can be difficult to manage remotely, our virtual project service allows you to see site progress through a dedicated time-lapse video.

How do Virtual Projects work?

Using high-definition time-lapse photography, an image of your site is captured from a camera every hour, and compressed into a short video. We can then provide you with an innovative piece of media, showcasing your company’s site developments with live-action photography.

Our service also includes the editing and branding of your video for you to show to your customers, and photo transfers via a 4G connection to our secure server ensuring no risk of data loss.

With our advanced equipment and expertise, we can monitor your assets, properties, and events and safeguard them from unwanted threats. Whether you require long-term monitoring, time-lapse for construction, or event security, our time-lapse security services ensure comprehensive protection.


SmartWatch design, install, maintain and monitor Virtual Guard CCTV systems to suit your needs.

Security Officers

Our SIA licenced Security Officers provide safety in your workplace.

Access Control

Manage your staff and control your work place using Virtual Access barriers and ID systems.

Property Management

SmartWatch provide a range of services to secure and monitor your vacant property.

Why choose Smartwatch Solutions for your time-lapse video services?

Our time-lapse camera for construction uses innovative technology and equipment to deliver clear visuals of your site’s progress. 

To make the most of your construction time-lapse cameras, our in-house consultation team will visit your site to carry out an in-depth site audit. This allows us to position our cameras to record and monitor the progress of your project. 

Whether you need footage from one angle or multiple, our team will be more than happy to tailor our services to fit your specific needs. 

Following installation, we can offer remote assistance for any queries, and our nationwide engineering team can provide customer support under our maintenance contract.

Our in house monitoring station is manned 24 hours to ensure our clients receive the service and support they need, whenever they need it.

Time-lapse video  – FAQs

How long is a time-lapse?

Time-lapse videos can last for as little or as long as needed. If you would like to capture the progression of your site from beginning to end over a period of months, your time-lapse could last up to a minute.

What is the difference between a time-lapse and a video sped up?

Time-lapse videos involve capturing individual frames at scheduled intervals over a period of time. When played back, these frames create a condensed view of time passing quickly, showcasing slow changes that occur over an extended period. 

In contrast, sped-up videos are created by recording the footage as normal and then increasing the playback speed during editing, accelerating the footage without altering the intervals between shots. 

While both video techniques manipulate time, they do so differently to achieve distinct visual effects that show time passing in distinct ways.

Can time-lapse videos only be used on construction sites?

Time-lapse videos are commonly used on construction sites to monitor progress from start to finish. This material can then be used as marketing material to attract potential clients. 

However, time-lapse photography can also be used for other events such as festivals to record activity throughout a weekend.

Can time-lapse videos be used on remote sites?

Yes, our time-lapse services can be used at remote locations. If there is no power available at your site, we can offer time-lapse powered by our solar CCTV towers.

Choose Smartwatch Solutions for your time-lapse videos

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