What is the difference between mobile CCTV and fixed security surveillance?


Post Written by Neil Jones

The purpose of CCTV solutions such as mobile and fixed CCTV cameras are the same, in that both systems provide video surveillance to help prevent crime. These solutions have become particularly important in recent years within the construction industry as site theft sees the industry lose around £800 million per year. However, the features of each operating system, as well as their functionality can be very different.

In this blog, we will explore the distinctions between mobile CCTV and fixed security surveillance to help you understand which solution might be more suitable for your specific needs.

Mobile vs Fixed Security Surveillance: What’s the difference?

The difference between these two security solutions can be found in their names.  Fixed security surveillance is a traditional security solution where a stationary camera is placed in strategic locations to continuously monitor specific areas. These cameras are commonly positioned on exterior and interior walls, ceilings, or poles to provide a constant watch over a designated location.

On the other hand, mobile CCTV is a flexible and portable security solution that can be deployed at various locations based on changing security demands. These cameras are not fixed to a specific location and can be moved around as required. As a result, you can commonly find mobile CCTV located on remote construction sites and highways for added security.

Key differences between fixed and mobile CCTV solutions

1. Installation

The installation of fixed CCTV security involves careful planning of where the video surveillance will be located, as well as mounting the cameras into these fixed positions. Alternatively, mobile CCTV is a highly flexible security solutions. These cameras are wireless and solar-powered, meaning they can effectively operate in almost any location.

Typically, a team of professionals will be needed to set up the infrastructure, run cables, and optimise camera angles for both of these solutions to ensure maximum coverage.

2. Flexibility and Mobility

As the name suggests, fixed security surveillance cameras lack mobility. Once installed, viewing angles and coverage will remain unchanged unless they are physically readjusted. This can be beneficial when monitoring high traffic areas, but can be a limitation in dynamic environments where monitoring needs may shift.

However, the primary advantage of mobile CCTV is its flexibility and mobility. These cameras can be easily relocated to adapt to changing security priorities. This makes these surveillance towers particularly valuable for temporary security needs or in areas where permanent installations are impractical. This can include areas such as construction and building sites.

Mobile Surveillance or Fixed CCTV: Which is a better CCTV solution?

Both mobile CCTV and fixed security surveillance have distinct advantages and are suited for different security needs. Businesses using a permanent workspace may benefit from fixed CCTV, whereas for temporary projects, flexible CCTV can be desirable.

While fixed surveillance offers stable, continuous coverage for critical areas, mobile CCTV provides flexibility and adaptability for changing security demands. Prior to making a permanent choice, you should consider the specific requirements of your project to make an informed decision.

In some cases, combining both solutions will provide optimal security to ensure comprehensive monitoring and protection of your premises.

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